One of the unexpected but exciting things about starting a small business was the amount of people who have come to me for help with their own journey into the creative small business world. 

As time has passed, I've learned that I cannot be both an advisor to each person seeking me out and still maintain my own business, personal life, and family time with sanity. I am passionate about being able to help others get to a place of confidence with their small business, but also, I'm a fan of not going insane. As emails have continued to pile up from those seeking mentorship, advice, or a listening ear, I've sought out other ways to be a resource to those looking for one that respects both my time and yours.

The first resource I've created is a five part video series that you can find here. Each segment of the video series focuses on a different aspect of starting up your own online creative business. Consider each video akin to a 30 minute coffee date with me where I share as much as I can on given topics, including: How do I know if I'm the right fit for starting an online business? How do I form a brand that works? What platform should I be using to sell, and what are the pros and cons of those available? How do I price, package, and ship orders? How can I grow my social media accounts? How do I sell at in-person events? How do I keep track of the nitty-gritty like taxes? And many other frequently asked questions I find in my inbox. You can find these videos here! They are affordable, accessible, and come with PDF notes so you can follow along and not miss a thing.

The second resource I've decided on is a kind of rent-my-brain consultation package. While I would love to dedicate time on the phone or face to face with each and every person that comes my way, it honestly would become a full-time, no-pay job if I let it. So instead, I've carved out a handful of time slots a month where I am able to work one-on-one for small business consultations. Do you have questions on how to get started and want my input? Need someone to look over your website and give you feedback? Just need to pick the brain of someone in the creative industry who has carved out a niche for themselves? I would love to help! Rent my brain (and find out all the other details) here