THREE PACK KIDS ROUTINE LISTS - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

I have two little kids at home and I know the importance of establishing independence and routine! 

For us, a laminated or framed to do list really helps keep everyone on track. My kids love that they get to pick the order in which they do things and mark them off, and I love that they're, you know, BEING INDEPENDENT!

Great for readers and non-readers alike, as all tasks come with a playful illustration. 

This is a printable, meaning you will automatically be emailed a file containing all three lists, ready for you to print as many times as you want. Please respect that these files are work and should not be forwarded or shared with others (I'm tryin' to make a living!) 

Lists read:

My morning To Do's
+ Get dressed
+ Make bed
+ Brush teeth
+ Backpack ready
+ Shoes on

My afternoon To Do's
+ Put away shoes
+ Put away backpack
+ Wash hands
+ Reading + homework
+ Set table

My evening To Do's
+ Pajamas on
+ Brush teeth
+ Go potty
+ pick up
+ Lights out