Hello! Welcome! My name is Jolie Ankrom and I am the founder and designer at Brim Papery. I live and work in Columbus, Ohio, with my husband and two children. Every product at Brim has been designed and lettered by hand by me, either on paper or with my stylus! I make things to empower and unite women. Ok, also to make them laugh.

Brim began a few years ago when I found myself in a season of confusion after having quit my job as a Spanish teacher to be home with my daughter, then a newborn; I loved being at home but felt awkward leaving the working world, and I longed for more structure and something to develop that was completely mine. That spring of 2013, I started Brim Papery (at the time called Joliemade) and found immediate interest from my friends and family. It started with simple greeting cards, but soon I was custom lettering all sorts of things. While I do not have formal training in design, lettering, or business, I have a big passion for creating and learning my trade as I go. I am invigorated by learning through experience and working to bring the best product I can to the market.

While I started Brim in the unfinished basement of our apartment, it has continued to transition: first to my home office and now out of my studio located in Clintonville where I design, package, and host workshops and events. 

The name Brim Papery came about as I planned for developing this business long term and thought about what it meant to me. I wanted to always remember the season of life that this business was born out of - a season where my cup was filled to the brim with new life and new opportunity. I hope for it to be a constant reminder of how lucky I was to be able to have both motherhood and creativity, coexisting together.